Just facetimed the boyfriend and then almost started crying as soon as we stopped talking. Great….


My boyfriend and I recently moved to different universities, and we decided not to break up and to try and stick it out for university or at least y’know try for as long as we can.

Now, as you know I’m kind of having a weird time at uni at the moment, and that is probably why this text post exists. I’m sure if I was having a better time I would have no qualms.

So now I am going to bore you again with my mundane problems so yeah feel free to read.

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So, just to give you some background, I recently started university this year studying Maths and have been here for just over 2 weeks. Ok so now that’s done we can start…

Before I came to uni, I’d been overly excited for it for at least 2 years mainly because of it being a new experience with lots of opportunities and independence. In hindsight, I think I put too much pressure on university and what it would be like, my expectations were too high and now that I’m here it’s not fully living up to them.

It’s weird. 

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